“In Times of Need”

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Monstorm: A Charity Anthology

All proceeds will go directly to help those affected by Hurricane Ian.

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“Storms are the epitome of nature at her most primal, savage, and untamable. They inspire awe and terror in equal measure. When storms unleash their fury, nothing and no one can stand against them.

Hurricane Ian was such a storm. When Ian ripped into South Florida in the fall of 2022, homes and businesses were reduced to piles of rubble. Cleanup and recovery were slow, and as of the printing of this book, there is still much to be done to get things back to normal for those in the region whose lives were turned upside down.

This book contains 20 stories by seasoned genre veterans as well as fresh voices and represents the horror community’s response to hurricane Ian. There are stories about storms, the devastation they can cause, and what they reveal about the people who live through them, stories of tearing wind, driving rain, blizzards, hurricanes.

These are stories of terror, but this book is one of hope, produced to help raise money to support those who, in Ian’s wake, need help most. The proceeds from this volume will go directly into the hands of the local All Faiths Food Bank, which serves the areas most affected by Hurricane Ian.

Storms will always come. What matters most is how we respond to them.”

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