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“Seeking Flesh”
Publisher: Speculative City Literary Magazine
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“Rose Water”
Publisher: Meet My Ghost Podcast (Narrated by Sandy Tufts)
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“Listening for Romance in Horror”
Publisher: Six Strings Magazine in association with Howlin' Wolf Records
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“Let’s Play! The Ouija Board”
Publisher: Six Strings Magazine in association with Howlin' Wolf Records
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“The Lighthouse”
Publisher: Spectator & Spooks Literary Magazine
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An Interview with Chris Wax, Writer/Director of ‘CASE 347’
On March 4, I had the fortunate opportunity to ask Case 347’s writer and director, Chris Wax, some questions about the film.
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What is a Poltergeist?
Chances are, if you're into scary movies and spooky books, you've heard of the 'Poltergeist'. Belonging in the realm of folklore, the legend of the poltergeist has...
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The Warrens – A Hollywood Conjuring
These days, there are no two figures within the paranormal research world with more celebrity status than Demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. Ed Warren passed away in...
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Short Film Review: Lion
Lion (2017) Year of Release: 2017 Starring: Pedro Sánchez, Michael Segal, Tania Mercader Written by: Davide Melini Directed by: Davide Melini With five short films under his...
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The Nature of Horror
In the horror genre, a setting only nature can provide is a vital tool used among storytellers. Whether on a page or a screen, a night sky...
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Shhh! Movie Review for ‘A Quiet Place’
When I sat down to watch the much-anticipated horror film, A Quiet Place, I wasn’t quite sure what I was in for. The theater was full that...
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7 Undead Creatures… including Zombies
The mid-season return of The Walking Dead on AMC is upon us, and zombies are once again in the spotlight. But did you know that zombies are...
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The Ritual – Movie Review
Spoiler alert. Do you have a love of the outdoors? Avid hiker, maybe? Kudos. Really, good for you. Oh - you’re a horror fan, too? Even better!...
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‘Based on a True Story’: A Look at the Use of this Horror Movie Tagline
'Based on a True Story' is eye-catching, head-turning and ticket-worthy for many movie fans. For horror, this tagline alone and its message is especially enticing and ups the...
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Let’s Play! The Ouija Board
Whether or not you consider yourself a fan of horror, chances are you’ve heard of the famed Ouija Board. A simple concept for a board game, it...
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An Infograph: Top Grossing PARANORMAL Films Worldwide
By compiling a list of the top-grossing films, we are more able to visualize the sheer monetary strength of not just horror films, but PARANORMAL films globally....
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What are the ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Paranormal’?
We often hear the two words “Supernatural” and “Paranormal” used interchangeably. A simple online search shows overlapping horror television and films categorized under both terms, leading to...
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