A Blight on this House – A Novel

I am currently working on my debut novel with working title, A Blight on this House. It delves into the complexity of family values, history and ties all with hints of the paranormal and wickedness. I hope that readers will enjoy unraveling the mysteries of A Blight on this House as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Spanning three generations of the Van Burren family, the tale of A Blight on this House crosses family ties, cultural boundaries, and worlds as those who have been wronged cling to the past.


“Instinctively, she stopped walking. Her breath quickened as her eyes darted around, hoping to make something out of the whiteness that surrounded her. Suddenly, and with certain fear, Chelsea realized that the soft pressure she felt on her belly was not from her own hand. The long, slender fingers belonged to someone, or something, that she could not see.”